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December 19, 2008

Peta Power

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*I know there are a lot of links, bear with me. Or just skim through them so you can get an idea about what I’m saying here.

I’ve never been a fan of PETA. Personally, their antagonistic tactics don’t sit right with me, and neither do their support of known domestic terrorist organizations such as the Animal Liberation Front ( , Don’t get me wrong. I totally support the idea of protecting animal rights. At least to a certain degree. But some of these people seriously take it too far. Below is a gore filled comic that PETA gives out to grade school kids. I actually didn’t believe it until I did a little research on my own.

But it gets worse. PETA activists and the organizations they support are also known for promoting and engaging in serious acts of violence. .

Just like this presidential race, you can disagree or ‘abhor’ one candidate or another. Once you bring violence or threats towards the focus of your aggression, you become criminal. These domestic terrorists need to be prosecuted just as any other jihadist. It’s one thing to protest peacefully against things you don’t believe are right, it’s  a whole other thing when you feel it is ok to firebomb a place of business, or to threaten restaurant owners or high profile people such as Lindsay Lohan, or Anna Wintour.

When you look at the big picture, animal rights activists do a lot of good bringing awareness to the masses. There’s no doubt that animal cruelty laws and bringing witness to barbaric practices is a good thing.The problem is that there is a bully mentality with a lot of animal activism, which leads to violence at the extreme edge.

Not to mention what I’ve been reading about PETA makes them sound pretty hypocritical.



I honestly didn’t know whether or not to believe this until I googled it and came up with dozens of articles confirming the story. Apparently PETA is more concerned with getting publicity for attacking  their high profile targets than they are for actual animals. They spent millions of dollars for their degradingly sexual ad campaign in which celebrities pose naked to promote animal rights, yet that couldn’t spare the cash to keep these animals alive long enough to adopt them out.

More than nintey percent of then companion pets ( dogs, cats, rabbits, ect) that PETA recieves are put down. Only a paltry 6 percent or so are actually adopted. The majority of these animals could have been refered to nearby shelters. PETA refuses to surrender animals to nearby shelters for rehoming.

PETA’s president has said that “even if animal research resulted in a cure for AIDS, we would be against it.” And PETA has repeatedly attacked research foundations like the March of Dimes, the Pediatric AIDS Foundation, and the American Cancer Society, solely because they support animal-based research aimed at curing life-threatening diseases and birth defects. And PETA helped to start and manage a quasi-medical front group, the misnamed Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, to attack medical research head-on.

Ugh, sorry to go on a rant, but these people, and their bullying, heavy handed tactics drive me insane.





  1. I worked for PETA and I can assure you that Ingrid Newkirk is the most ridiculous and dangerously unhinged woman I have ever known. It is shocking what this group spends on silly ads (the superbowl ad is latest example) that help no animals but massage her ego and put her in touch with her favored celebrities. If she had spent the money it cost to produce this ad (her budget would never have supported airing it) to remind all of the superbowl fans gorging themselves at game-time that the food they eat had been horribly raised and cruelly killed, I would respect that. She’s old hat – she still sells sex, while real animal welfare takes a back seat at PETA. She is also a liar, an extortion expert and hates her own sex (quote heard often at PETA from Ingrid: “We can’t use women to narrate the ads because no one listens to women. Use them for nudity.”
    She is a phoney and a nazi who hates people (especially ones with children) and PETA’s claim in their endless emails of “saving animals” is simply a monstrous lie. Other organizations, like WSPA, RSPCA, others save animals, mobilize resources and build sustainable, realistic goals for eliminating animal cruelty. PETA goes to parties and gets careless with a lot of hard-earned money culled from earnest, hard-working people (Ingrid refuses to ask her wealthy celebrity friends for m oney because they “do enough” by appearing in ads – oh, yea, and who benefits from that? Keep this blog going, because too much money is diverted to the idiots at PETA that could actually be used to help animals.

    Comment by larsdottir — February 1, 2009 @ 12:43 PM

  2. I am a vegetarian because I believe all creatures should be seen and treated as equals. PETA is an orginization who takes this basic life philosophy and twists it into something grotesquely inhumane. EQUALITY DOES NOT ONLY APPLY TO CUTE LITTLE BUNNIES AND COWS. It also applies to humans. Meaning that they should not throw animal blood on people who wear fur coats, or frighten small children. PETA mocks what most vegetarians stand for- peace and equality for all living creatures.

    Comment by Cory — February 11, 2009 @ 5:45 PM

  3. I’m shocked… in a good way. Thank you for this enlightenment.

    Comment by Pizzaman — November 16, 2009 @ 1:51 PM

    • I was shocked too. The reality is that regardless of how good a cause it might be, many animal rights activists are no better than domestic terrorists. PETA is actually only the tip of the iceberg.

      Comment by Frances Bean — November 16, 2009 @ 2:03 PM

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